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E3 2010: MindJack Impressions (PS3)

By Chris Moore ()

When coming up with an idea for new ventures into the third-person shooters realm, you have to make sure that your shooting mechanics are still fun. Sure you can give a game all these new features and powers to utilize, but if the shooting aspect isn't fun, then the game is already off to a bad start. Read More.

E3 2010: Front Mission Evolved Impressions (X360)

By Chris Moore ()

It seems with the new Front Mission title, Square-Enix wanted a change. Instead of a Strategic RPG where giant mechs must move around on a grid system, the game has been transformed into third-person mech shooter. For the demo, I was placed into a free-for-all deathmatch with other players. Read More.

E3 2010: Spec Ops: The Line Impressions (X360)

By Chris Moore ()

"In war our decisions have consequences; and make no mistake, Captain. This is war."

That is the line that finished up the demo for Spec Ops: The Line. 2K Games wants to create a game where choice is prevalent in the story and making those choices will have an effect not just in the now, but be present further along in the story. Read More.

E3 2010: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction Impressions (X360)

By Chris Moore ()

It is time for Ben Tennyson to grow-up. No longer the boy when his adventures first started, now he must deal with the fact that the whole world knows his identity and control the power of the new Ultimatrix. With a plot description like that, D3 is clearly constructing a game that will hopefully draw in fans of the series into the experience. Read More.

E3 2010: Bulletstorm Impressions (PS3)

By Chris Moore ()

At first I was thinking it was strange for us to be given a video tutorial before we got a chance to play Bulletstorm. Usually for a playable demo, I am just sat down and can just go nuts with the game. However, Bulletstorm is not your typical first-person shooter. Read More.