At first I was thinking it was strange for us to be given a video tutorial before we got a chance to play Bulletstorm. Usually for a playable demo, I am just sat down and can just go nuts with the game. However, Bulletstorm is not your typical first-person shooter. Guns aren't the only thing that dish out carnage and if it wasn't for the tutorial, I would not have enjoyed the demo as much or found all the inventive ways to dish out pain. People Can Fly wants the player to not only lay waste to their foes in vast numbers...but they also want them to do it with style.

The standard fare for FPSs is here. You have a standard assault rifle and can fire from the hip or look down the sights for more accurate shots. Every kill earns you points. A standard kill earned me a few points. However, by taking more skilled shots, you can earn extra more. You can net extra points if you get a headshot kill. You can also gain even more points by delivering what the game calls mercy kills. That is where you first shoot an enemy in the crotch and while they are on their knees, you finish them off with a headshot.

There is also a gun called the Flail gun that shoots a chain that wraps around people. Once it latches onto someone, you take out a detonator and blow them into tiny little pieces.

Along with the assortment of guns, the character is equipped with an energy leash. You could latch onto an enemy and whip them towards you. The leash would also encase the enemy in a temporal field that would slow them down, so you could do anything to them that you could imagine. Utilizing this item can wield a good amount of skill points. At first when these points popped up, it made me think that I was playing a multiplayer game, but this was all in single player. With these points, you can go up to these little green glowing upgrade kiosks to gain new skills for your weapons. I upgraded my energy leash to slam down on the ground and send a shockwave that could send everyone airborne and slowed down. This could also be combined with the environment itself to net even more skill points. I noticed that an explosive sphere was also on the ground around the enemies, when the leash slammed on the ground it also sent it up in the air along with the enemies. Shooting the explosive took out everyone and nets the player the "Gang Bang" skill point. As I progressed more and more through the demo, I found myself using the energy leash more and more and I wanted to see all the ways I could use it to dish out pain.

With all these possibilities of so many points, it makes the game feel like a skateboarding game in a way. The more creative and more stylish you can be, the more interesting stuff you will see and the more points you will receive to upgrade your weapons to do more zany things so you can create even greater combos to net even more skill points you can see, this point system is a vicious cycle that you just want keep on perpetuating. Come February 22, 2011, you can see how imaginative your kills can be.