The Force Unleashed was the fastest selling Star Wars game ever, and it was with good reason. The game promised much and it delivered. We got Force powers that were over-the-top in nature. The Force Push in the game blew Stormtroopers across the room like ragdolls. It also could shatter huge trees into millions of pieces. Also, the combination of Force powers and saber techniques was something that was never seen before. A saber strike is good, but adding Force Lightning to it can be devastating. LucasArts is continuing the series and is doing its best to once again wow us with over-the-top powers and fast paced saber combat.

The demo starts with Starkiller, Vader's once secret apprentice, fleeing for his life. It may seem weird saying that because those who played the first game know that he sacrificed himself to save his allies and in the process starting the Rebel Alliance. It is explained that this Starkiller is a clone, and a failed one at that. Since Vader has no use for him, he orders his termination. But Starkiller isn't going to lie down. We first see him freefalling from atop a high building on the planet Kamino. As he is falling all of his Force powers are available. While he is dodging lightning striking the building, he is also busy destroying obstructions with his Force Push and blowing up Tie Fighters on the way down.

Before he hits the ground, he destroys a glass roof. It is here that we see the return of Digital Molecular Mattering. Along with its return, the Havok and Euphoria engine will also be back. Before he hits the roof, he makes it shatter into thousands of pieces. It looks as great as ever to see all of the individual pieces flying past you.

As he hits the ground, the real action commences. Starkiller is now wielding dual lightsabers and the entire nature of melee combat has completely changed. Combat is faster and more fluid. In the previous game, lightsaber combat seemed to take a backseat to using Force powers, but it feels it will be more prevalent this time around.

We also got to see a number of more re-imagined Force powers in action. In movies, the Jedi Mind Trick would simply make conversations go a Jedi's way. Here, it has been given a combat application. When utilized, it made Stormtroopers shoot at each other and some would even jump off the cliff. We were then told that as a player leveled the ability, the enemies would fill with energy and run into a crowd and basically becoming a human smart bomb. I can't wait to see that in action.

As the demo progressed, Starkiller came face-to-face with a giant Carbonite War Droid. This droid had the ability to freeze Starkiller with his carbonite gun. If this happens, Starkiller would literally become DMM and risked the possibility of being shattered. The robot was also equipped with a shield that could block lightsaber attacks. Once Starkiller took care of the shield, he could once again unleash devastating saber combos. After a few hits, he could finish them off in extravagant style. Finishing moves this time around are even faster than before.
This clone also seems to have a bit more power than the original, which would put that one to shame. As a drop ship appeared, Starkiller could easily take control of it and dump out its occupants and smash it to pieces.

In the final part of the gameplay, Starkiller unleashed perhaps his most devastating power: Force Frenzy. When activated, both his Force powers and lightsaber techniques became super charged. His Force push will usually blow back one trooper, but thanks to Force Frenzy, a group of them went flying. For melee combat, Starkiller's two lightsabers left his hands and proceeded to fly around him; perfect for melee crowd control.

As Starkiller made his way to Vader's TIE Advance, Vader appeared. Too late to stop him, all he could do was look behind him as Starkiller flew off in the distance, reminiscing tones from The Empire Strikes Back. The presenter commented that this was not just by coincidence. He stated that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 will be much darker in tone and be more personal as Starkiller deals with all the memories he has from the original one. With an October 26 release date, players can look forward to it pretty soon.