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Hard Reset announced

By Chris Moore ()

Polish developer Flying Wild Hog announced yesterday their debut title Hard Reset.

Little is known about the game at the moment except that it will be a cyberpunk first-person shooter. Read More.

PlanetSide 2 announced

By Chris Moore ()

Sony Online Entertainment has pulled back the curtain to reveal PlanetSide 2; the sequel to the MMO FPS.

Players will choose to join the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate or Vanu Sovereignty in this persistent world as they rage war non-stop to take control of the planet. Read More.

Bethesda announces Dishonored

By Chris Moore ()

Bethesda Software has announced Dishonored; a new title being developed by Arkane Studios.

Revealed on the August cover of Gameinformer, Dishonored will be a first-person stealth/action adventure title. The game is said to be about assassination and you won't have to kill anyone if you choose not to. Read More.

Dragon Age II: Legacy DLC announced

By Chris Moore ()

BioWare has finally revealed the next DLC content for Dragon Age II.

Entitled Legacy, Hawke must travel out of Kirkwall to hunt a criminal cartel who is hunting his family line. Players will travel to a prison constructed by the Grey Wardens and will also uncover some revealing things about the Hawke lineage. Read More.

Crysis coming to Xbox 360, PS3

By Chris Moore ()

Back in the day, the game Crysis was a benchmark for PC gamers.  If you could run it full specs running, then your PC was awesome.  Now this graphic beast may be heading its way to consoles. Read More.

Bungie Aerospace revealed

By Chris Moore ()

Bungie has finally dropped the details on their new venture entitled "Bungie Aerospace" and unlike what some may have thought, it is not a new game.

Bungie Aerospace will be a new venture where the studio will team up with independent developers and create games for mobile devices and social media services. Read More.

LIMBO coming to PS3, Steam

By Chris Moore ()

I case you missed it or just don't have an Xbox 360, LIMBO was a great little puzzle game that was met with critical and commercial success.  We here at GamingExcellence enjoyed it as well.  Now all the PS3 and PC players that missed out on it will get their shot at it as well. Read More.

Star Wars Galaxies shutting down

By Chris Moore ()

The Force has taken a serious hit today.  Sony Online Entertainment confirmed on the game's website today thay they are shutting down the Star Wars Galaxies servers as well as halting production of the Trading Card Game. Read More.

Rage delayed one month

By Chris Moore ()

The id Software shooter Rage has been delayed.

The game was originally scheduled for a September 13 release, but now will hit stores on October 4. Read More.

Robin playable in Arkham City

By Chris Moore ()

The Boy Wonder will be a playable character in Arkham City.

According to a recent Best Buy ad, Robin will be a pre-order bonus for those that reserve a copy of the game through the retailer. The character will be playable in two challenge maps. Read More.

Nintendo servers hacked

By Chris Moore ()

In an AP story, Nintendo has reported that they have become the recent victims of a cyber attack.  However, they are reporting that no personal or company data was stolen. Read More.

Sony's Welcome Back Program now live

By Chris Moore ()

UPDATE: My free game has downloaded and been installed.  After a reset of my system, the yellow plus now appears next to my profile signifying I have PlayStation Plus.  However, I am receiving an error code when trying to access Account Management. Read More.