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DLC coming to inFAMOUS 2

By Chris Moore ()

If you are a fan of things like True Blood, then the newly announced DLC for inFAMOUS 2 will be just up your alley.

Entitled inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood. the DLC will be a standalone download.  According to PlayStation Blog post, vampires have arrived in New Marais and Cole McGrath has been bitten. Read More.

PlayStation 3 gets a price drop

By Chris Moore ()

Today at gamescom, Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 is getting a price drop.  The discount in cost is effective immediately.

 The 160 GB PS3 and the 320GB PS3 are now available for $249 and $299, respectively.  Sony also announced that a new inFAMOUS 2 bundle is now available. Read More.

Joe Danger sequel announced

By Chris Moore ()

Developer Hello Games announced today Joe Danger: The Movie, the sequel to the downloadable hit Joe Danger.

"It's kind of a sequel to Joe Danger, but it's mostly something entirely new!" said the post on Hello Games website. Read More.

Sony buys Sucker Punch

By Chris Moore ()

Earlier this week, Sony announced that Sucker Punch Productions have officially joined Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

"We've enjoyed an incredible relationship with Sony that has allowed us to combine our creative design capabilities with their guidance to make some of the best franchises to hit the PlayStation platforms. Read More.

Twisted Metal delayed

By Chris Moore ()

David Jaffe revealed today on the PlayStation Blog that Twisted Metal has been delayed.  The game was expected to ship on October 4 this year, but has been pushed back into 2012. Read More.

Borderlands 2 announced

By Chris Moore ()

Pack your Skag repellant, remember to stock up on extra ammo and save some space for more guns in your inventory, because it is time for a return trip to Pandora. Read More.

Resistance 3 Beta dated

By Chris Moore ()

Players will soon be able to test out Resistance 3 on the PS3.

Announced yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, James Stevenson Senior Community Manager of Insomniac Games said that people who received invites in copies of SOCOM 4 will be able to join the Public Beta on August 4. Read More.

EVO 2011 World Finals going on now

By Chris Moore ()

The best fighting gamers are being decided this weekend.  From around the world, players have fought long and hard to make it to the EVO 2011 World Finals.

The action started this morning and will go on through the weekend and will also be streamed live for all to see. Read More.

Nintendo 3DS getting price cut

By Chris Moore ()

Just four months on the shelves in North America and the 3DS is already dropping in price.

Nintendo announced yesterday that the 3DS will be getting a huge price cut. Starting August 12, the 3DS will cost $169.99, a huge step down from the current price of $249.99. Read More.

Mega Man Legends 3 cancelled

By Chris Moore ()

Capcom has revealed on their website that they have ceased production on the Mega Man Legends 3 Project. Capcom has also stated that the Prototype version of the game won't be released either. Read More.

Freddy Krueger coming to Mortal Kombat

By Chris Moore ()

The fourth downloadable kombatant has been revealed and he is the stuff of nightmares.

Revealed at this year's San Deigo Comic Con, NetherRealm Studios unvealed that the mysterious fighter is none other than the master of nightmares Freddy Krueger. Read More.

Green Lantern powers coming to DCUO

By Chris Moore ()

DC Universe Online is getting its first DLC pack and it is sure to please alot of fans of the DC Universe.

Entitled "Fight for the Light", players will get a new power set to choose from called Light.  This will give players the ability to get their own power ring and serve with the Green Lantern or Sinestro Corps depending which side they are on. Read More.

Ubisoft to introduce online pass system

By Chris Moore ()

Ubisoft announced today that used copies of their games will no longer be free to play.

According to Gameinformer, Ubisoft announced in a press release that they are creating an online pass system called Uplay Passport.  Players who buy the games new will get a one-time code that will enable online play for thier titles. Read More.