At Sony's Press conference today, they unveiled Quantic Dream's new IP.

Entitled Beyond: Two Souls, the trailer showcased a girl by the name of Jodie Holmes (played by Academy Award nominee Ellen Page) inside a police station.  Something has happened to her and she is visually startled.

As the policeman notices a scar on the back of Jodie's head, a cup of coffee on the desk goes flying. When the man leaves the room, Jodie talks to an unseen entity in the room saying people are coming for them. 

Afterwards, all hell breaks loose.  Jodie is jumping from trains, a helicopter crashes, wolves attack her and people with guns are after her.  After some of the action dies down, Jodie grabs a SWAT officer and tells him if they come after her again, she will kill them.  She then tells perhaps the same unseen entity to follow her.

No gameplay was seen or release date given, but expect to see more during E3 this week.