E3 this year was sorely missing a certain somebody that would be very important to Warhammer 40k fans everywhere: a representative from Relic Entertainment. In their place some really impressive Warhammer guests joined us; a big ol' Ultramarine, his World Eaters nemesis and an Ork. Luckily though we at least had a trailer to tide us over until some more information on the game leaks.

The trailer very clearly shows more shots of the Ultramarines battling the Orkz on what appears to be a Forge World. Numerous environments are showcased as the action plays but what catches the eye is the four marines that seem to be operating through this veritable war as a squad. They appear to be a captain, an assault marine, tactical marine and devastator – an odd make-up for a small squad that definitely has a Dawn of War II vibe to it.

While it definitely appears as if this will be more of a squad based action game with light RPG elements most of the smaller details are unknown. Do you choose what "class" of character you wish to use? How versatile is the set-up and how much customization does it allow? Dawn of War II may serve as a great example but until more information is leaked all we have is speculation.