Opting not to partake in the official E3 festivities this year, Activision held a media event the first night of the show, and had a few big titles to present. One of the revealed titles was the new James Bond game: Quantum of Solace based on the upcoming film of the same name.

Quantum of Solace is the first ever James Bond game to be released concurrently with the movie, and appears primed to make James Bond fans finally put away their N64 controllers and lay the classic GoldenEye to rest in their closets once and for all.

The most exciting aspect of the new James Bond title is the use of the Call of Duty 4 engine, which allows for fantastic graphics, physics, and shooting action. Unlike its modern warfare forebearer, however, Solace features a hybrid third and first person viewpoint which players can switch up on the fly. The game switches seamlessly between the two viewpoints, while using a dedicated cover system. The shooting mechanics appeared very polished and solid, with quick movement and aiming.

There is also a sneaking element to the title, and these sections appear to be just as polished as the shooting sections. While sneaking on a building, the game will shift to a split screen viewpoint, similar to that seen on TV's 24. This mechanic allows players to sneak around in a thrilling cinematic viewpoint.

The game will take players through the events of both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, and features the full likeness of Daniel Craig. Throw in a phenomenal graphics engine and superb voice acting and sound design, and this appears to finally be the bond game players have been waiting for since 1997. The game will release in November alongside the new film.