Well, that's almost true. The truth is that this game is set in 1950, which is very soon after World War II and almost too close for comfort. The market for that genre of shooter is definitely saturated. The good news then is that this game will not have any basis on the war, although it may still remind players of those types of games.

You Are Empty is an upcoming release from 1C that is being developed by Digital Spray Studios. It takes place in an alternate universe where Soviet Russia has become the ultimate power in the world, which is now entirely based on communism. We all know how well that political concept worked.

Anyway, the story continues with a mysterious accident that causes all of the residents of the city to become mutants. The main character is therefore forced to uncover the truth while battling for his life against these super-powerful beings. The story seems a little odd, however it seems solid and well-written so I do not feel it will negatively influence the gameplay.

For the graphics, Digital Spray has developed an in-house engine that appears to be capable of almost anything. The level of detail shown throughout the game is amazing and the environments are well done. Stalin-era imagery is used throughout the game to add to the setting. Although this means a lot of greys and a somewhat dark and dreary atmosphere, it still looks unbelievable. The statues and other 1950s Soviet settings, including accurate weapons from the time, are done extremely well.

All of the levels in You Are Empty are dynamic with the standard physics-based problems for players to solve. The version shown was well into development and 1C says that the levels are done and only play balancing and graphics tuning remain.

You Are Empty is scheduled for release before the end of this year and I am excited about this one. The graphics are already incredible; I cannot imagine how they can possibly become any better. We definitely won't be storming the beaches of Normandy again any time soon.