The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (PC)


E3 2011: XCOM Preview (PC)

By Nicholas Bale ()

It's hard to update one of the most popular strategy titles to ever come out on the PC. Various attempts have been made, some decent, some poor, but as far as I know, none have reached the level of popularity that the original had. The developers of the newly-rebooted X-COM have decided to sidestep this minefield, and instead created a pseudo-strategic first-person shooter, instead of a duplicate of the original. Read More.

E3 2010: XCOM Impressions (PC)

By Alex Coulter ()

2K Marin has had some recent success in the emerging genre of narrative-driven first-person shooters with the BioShock games, and it looks like they hope to carry that momentum into their reboot of the XCOM series. Taking place in the 1950's, the supposed "Golden Age" of the USA, XCOM hopes to tell a story about the terrors of the unknown. Read More.