Cities XL "Discovery Offer" now available

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You don’t have a copy of Cities XL yet but are interested in seeing what the game has to offer? Monte Cristo has announced a new "Discovery" offer! With this offer you can play Cities XL Planet (online mode) for 30 days for only 9.99€ ($9.99 US). You will have access to all the online features of Cities XL Planet Offer, including 5 slots to build your cities and all the latest game updates. Read More.

Cities XL Demo Now Live

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Monte Cristo announced that the demo of their highly anticipated next-generation city building game, CITIES XL is now live.

The demo period will run for the month of September and will give players the chance to build a city of up to 22,000 citizens on a persistent planet (the full version of the game lets you create megalopolises of millions of citizens). Read More.

Cities XL PC release date confirmation

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Aiming to re-define the perennially popular city builder video game genre, CITIES XL offers an experience that pushes the limits of scale, realism and sophistication both in solo play and with the vast connected online community in the game’s massively persistent multiplayer ‘Planet’ mode. Read More.