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Project Gotham Racing 3 Preview (X360)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

I've learned through experience that to correctly predict game trends you must consult my older relatives or my non-gaming friends. I know this makes no sense, but they are the surest barometer of all things gaming-related. Go figure! A few years ago, none of them had ever heard of Project Gotham Racing or Need for Speed: Underground or Midnight Club or Burnout. Read More.

Ridge Racer 6 Preview (X360)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

As a longtime fan of the Ridge Racer series, I've been following its development on the Xbox 360 with more than mild interest. It was therefore a real treat to get to sit down with an early build and play it at X05 Toronto. The Namco representative on-site however, had been playing the finished product for a few days and it's his details on RR6 that really piqued my interest. Read More.

Perfect Dark Zero Preview (X360)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

The last time we saw Joanna Dark was roughly 5 years ago on the Nintendo 64. A lot has changed since then, for her and for us. We have gone through the 128 bit consoles and we are entering the "next-generation" age of the Xbox and PS3. For her part, and from the initial renderings and screenshots we were given of Perfect Dark Zero, it seems that before her adventures with the Carrington Institute, Joanna "The Bounty Hunter" looked more like a pixie or even perhaps a Hobbit than a grown woman. Read More.

Dead or Alive 4 Preview (X360)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

Expectations are a dangerous thing, especially when videogames are concerned. Remember as far back as Duke Nukem: Time to Kill or as recently as Driv3r. And we all looked forward to Metal Gear Solid 2, but no one expected someone named Raiden to steal the show and render Snake a secondary role. Read More.

Madden NFL 06 Preview (X360)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

As a die-hard football fan, August 2005 had me scratching my head and puzzling over a few choices; Madden 06 was hitting the Xbox and I "really" wanted to play it. In fact, I "needed" to play it. After reading about Superstar Mode and having played a lot of NCAA Football 06's Race For The Heisman any football fan would've been climbing on furniture and scratching at walls. Read More.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Preview (Xbox)

By Stephane Petit-Clerc ()

As the release of Battlefield 2 nears its End-of-October street date, EA Games was kind enough to send us a playable demo to give us a taste of Digital Illusions' new masterpiece. With the previous release and success of Star Wars Battlefront and the pending release of its sequel, it has become more and more apparent that what the Xbox is missing (and what gamers want most) is the game that started it all on PC; Battlefield! Read More.