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Brigade E5: New Jagged Union Review (PC)

By Rick Poulin () - 2.2 out of 10

Welcome to Palinero, the land of graphical glitches and bad translations. Published by Strategy First and developed by Apeiron, Brigade E5 is severely lacking in polish. Presenting tired concepts in a cliche storyline, don't hold your breath for any surprising plot twists. Read More.

DEFCON: Everybody Dies Review (PC)

By Rick Poulin () - 8.6 out of 10

It's amazing what can be accomplished with a handful of previously used concepts and carefully balanced rules. DEFCON: Everybody Dies, the latest title from UK-based Introversion Software, places you in the middle of your very own nuclear bunker, planning the demise of the world above. Read More.

Space Empires V Review (PC)

By Rick Poulin () - 5.9 out of 10

It's unfortunate to see great games whose remarkable instability causes them to gather dust on a shelf rather than getting another spin in the disk drive. The latest title from Malfador Machinations' Space Empires series is one such example, at least for now. Published by Montreal based Strategy First, Space Empires V offers up significant improvements over the previous release and is based on a solid concept, but the sheer lack of pre-release testing is baffling. Read More.