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Dungeon Siege II Preview (PC)

By James Wielgosz ()

Microsoft Game Studios has teamed up with Gas Powered Games once again to produce what looks to be a stellar sequel to 2002's critically acclaimed Dungeon Siege. Over three years in the making, Dungeon Siege II: Plains of Tears follows in the footsteps of the original in delivering immersive game play and an intricate storyline. Read More.

Operation: Matriarchy Preview (PC)

By James Wielgosz ()

With such hits as Echelon and Echelon: Wind Warriors under their belt, Russian game studio MADia Entertainment is no stranger to the field of outlandish sci-fi titles. Their latest project, Operation: Matriarchy, sees them departing from their niche space flight-sim category and foraying into the supersaturated genre of first-person shooters, albeit with a twist. Read More.