James has been a fan of computer games since a very early age. Beginning with simple shoot-em-ups on his parents' Dynalogic Hyperion portable (20lbs!) computer in the mid-1980s, he quickly developed a love for space sims and action titles.

"I remember playing this one game at the age of four or five, Cosmic Crusaders. It was a cheap knock-off of Space Invaders that had a seemingly infinite number of levels. I'd play it for hours on this tiny 7" amber monitor with little beeps and crackles streaming out of the computer's primitive speaker. Eventually, we upgraded to a more powerful PC and I was introduced to such classic titles as Monkey Island, TIE Fighter, and Wing Commander (with Mark Hamill!). Things pretty much went downhill from there."

Aside from playing PC games, James has also dabbled in computer programming, graphic design, web development, and various journalistic endeavours. Gaming Excellence seemed like the perfect opportunity for him to combine all of these ingredients into a single diabolical soup.

James splits his time between his flat in Ottawa and a summer chalet (a.k.a. his parents' house) in Toronto.