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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance Impressions (PSP)

By Jean-Michel Berube ()

At SCEA's holiday media event in Toronto, we had an opportunity to check out Ubisoft's upcoming Star Wars: Lethal Alliance on the PSP. Set for release in early December, the game takes place between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Episode IV: A New Hope, with the goal to fill in the gaps that George Lucas left hanging in the movies. Read More.

Final Fantasy XII Impressions (PS2)

By Jean-Michel Berube ()

This year, we had the chance to attend SCEA's Annual Holiday Media Event in Toronto to check out the upcoming PSP and PS2 titles that will be released for this holiday season and the year to come. I had the rare opportunity to sit down and chat with a representative from Square Enix to discuss the upcoming Final Fantasy XII for the PlayStation 2. Read More.

Amped 3 Preview (X360)

By Jean-Michel Berube ()

At Microsoft's X05 event in Toronto, Canada, one of the 360 titles that 2K Sports was proudly demonstrating was Amped 3; a series that was previously part of Microsoft's own XSN line-up. Regardless of your previous experience with the Amped series, the SSX series or just alternative sport series in general though, you are truly in for a surprise with the "new and reenergized" Amped 3. Read More.