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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Impressions (PS2)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

Naruto is one of the biggest Japanese anime series out there with many fans in Japan and North America. Given all this success, Namco Bandai decided to bring this fun ninja series to the PS2 with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja for the PS2. I spent some time on the Namco Bandai booth on my last day of E3 coverage and got some hands on experience with the title. Read More.

Guitar Hero II Impressions (PS2)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

Red Octane blew the doors out of the music gaming genre with Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2. The game was revolutionary and mixed Dance Dance Revolution gameplay mechanics with an amazing Guitar peripheral based on a Gibson electric guitar. The game made you feel like a Rock Star and is one of the best music based games out there. Read More.

Heavenly Sword Preview (PS3)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

A lot of games seem to be borrowing ideas from titles like God of War, and Heavenly Sword is no different. SCEE and Ninja Theory are developing the game and at present, no official North American release date has been set. The game was one of many shown at the Sony Pre-E3 Press Conference and I was privileged enough to play it for the entire length of the demo. Read More.

Warhawk Impressions (PS3)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

One of the games announced today at the Sony Pre-E3 press conference is WarHawk, the much anticipated flight-sim/shooter from SCEA studios and Incognito. Touted as a potential launch title, the classic remake has benefited from much publicity as of late, showing off the initial potential of Sony's new hardware masterpiece. Read More.

Peter Jackson's King Kong Preview (X360)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

There is a lot of hype surrounding the new King Kong game for the Xbox 360 game console. Apparently Peter Jackson himself (director of Lord of the Rings trilogy) is playing a major role not only in the new movie but in the game itself, and a lot of people are excited about the chance to play as King Kong. Read More.

Gun Preview (X360)

By Eduardo Araujo ()

We recently had a chance to catch up with the latest build of Gun for the Xbox 360 at Microsoft's X'05 Toronto show. The game was playing on a standard 360 console instead of a development kit and looked complete with various levels available for play. For those who don't know what Gun is about, it's a new shooter from Neversoft and Activision that places you in the old west with cowboy boots, a horse, and a couple of old fashioned weapons. Read More.