Don't spend your days worrying about when the PlayStation 4, Xbox 720, or Wii HD will be gracing a TV near you, because the PolyStation 3 is here, and it will blow any future console out of the water.

Best of all, it's available now! Don't believe us? Check out the video. You won't regret it. With titles like "soccer", "Formula one" and "Submarine Invasion", can you imagine any gamer not wetting themselves over being able to be the first one on their block to own a PolyStation 3?

Seriously though, who wants to play a Tiger telematics game in a fake PlayStation 3 case? With a non functioning speaker no less? It's clearly a portable system, but it's no more portable than a Virtual Boy or a perhaps a George Forman Grill. Be sure to watch last three minutes where the British bloke narrating the video opens up the case to find the high tech components inside.

The PolyStation 3 is likely available at a dollar store near you! By the way, does anyone know where I can snag a PolyStation 1 or 2?

Methinks Sony's lawyers need to get on this one ASAP.

(Editor's Note: We know that this video is from 2007, but we had a good laugh over it and wanted to share with our readers. It's only 'cause we care)