If you've looked over the release calendar for Nintendo's new 3DS, you may be having a Bueller... Bueller... Bueller... moment.

The attendance sheet for the highly anticipated handheld features appearances by a variety of popular franchises and genres, including Pilotwings, The Sims, Street Fighter IV, Madden NFL Football, Rayman, Super Monkey Ball, and even Ghost Recon. Oh yes, and gamers everywhere should know by now that releasing a video game system without a Ridge Racer title at launch is a violation of international treaties. That game is covered too.

Not showing up for class on the first day of school is any game involving Super Mario. Even the GameCube had a (mercifully forgotten) launch title starring Luigi in a haunted mansion with a ghost vacuum... or something like that. Considering Mario Kart was displayed running smoothly at E3, it's surprising that not even Mario's automotive exploits are covered at launch.

Games are expected to retail for $39.99 US when the glasses-free 3D system is released this March 27.