Ah, E3. A wondrous three day odyssey of hot LA sun, parties, booth babes, and of course, games, games, and more games. The hype machine in gaming reaches its fever pitch this week, with every game company trying to outdo each other with crazy announcements, outlandish claims, and previews of the hottest upcoming products.

We've covered the list of what we're dreaming for, now a list that may actually materialize.

PlayStation 2 price drop
Forget a PlayStation 3 price drop. If Sony really wants to start making some money, they'll lower the price of the PlayStation 2 to an unprecedented 50$. While we're at it, how about an even slimmer redesign that's the size of a slim discman? The PlayStation 2 lives!

PlayStation 3 price drop
Okay, so we were partially kidding about the PS2 price drop. But seriously, forget about a PS3 slim at this year's E3. Sony still has far too much inventory to clear and costs to cut before it can even consider a redesign for their flagship console. However, a price drop is not out of the question, and would be a nice way to attract the crowds of PlayStation fans that have been left out in the cold due to its still exorbitant price point.

DJ Hero to not suck
I don't know about you, but I've just about had it up to here with music games. With two guitars and a full Rock Band kit already collecting dust in my living room, there is nothing I want less than more useless music peripherals cluttering up my precious living room space. From what we've seen, DJ Hero isn't doing nearly enough to set itself apart in an ultra-crowded marketplace that is threatening to implode. Maybe some hands on time with the game will change our minds, but we're not counting on it.

Nintendo to give their hardcore fans a reason to live
Enough is enough. Come on Nintendo, the hardcore built your company from the ground up, and you've simply turned your back on them. The announcement of a new Metroid, Zelda, Mario game or otherwise will go a long way to healing some gaping wounds that the underwhelming Wii has provided. As listed above, there are several intriguing Wii options coming from third parties at this year's E3, but this charge should begin and end with the big N itself. After a wholly disappointing showing last year, Nintendo needs to win back some fans in a big way.

E3 not to get out of hand
I know I'm in a minority here, but I liked the quaint E3 setting last year that was busy, but not overwhelmingly so. As a journalist, that sort of atmosphere really helped make my job easier and bring you, the readers, the coverage you crave. With the return of the glitz and glamour of years past, we can only hope that the reason we're all there, the games, don't get lost in the shuffle. Here's hoping for an in between type show that falls in between the bombast of years past and the stoic tranquility of last year.

The triumphant return of the booth babes
‘nuff said

This motion control gimmick to fade into obscurity
There, we said it. This motion control gimmick is quickly approaching its expiry date. The Wii remote is not the motion sensing dynamo we thought it would be, the Sixaxis controller is a spectacular failure (for the most part), and now we hear rumors that Microsoft will be jumping onto the motion control bandwagon. Will the madness ever end? Unfortunately, it doesn't look that way.

Gears of War 3
We're not counting on anything more than a teaser trailer, but a gaming convention without the artist formerly known as CliffyB is not a convention at all.

Halo Chronicles
It's about time that Microsoft unveiled their involvement with the venerable Peter Jackson and showed what exactly they've been working on. Considering the potentially slim lineup of Xbox exclusives, the time may be right to lift the curtain.

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