Ah, E3. A wondrous three day odyssey of hot LA sun, parties, booth babes, and of course, games, games, and more games. The hype machine in gaming reaches its fever pitch this week, with every game company trying to outdo each other with crazy announcements, outlandish claims, and previews of the hottest upcoming products.

And then, there's the list of games we'd love to see at E3 this year, but just won't materialize. Here's our wishes, in no particular order.

If you're like us and haven't really gotten into this whole Wii Fit craze, then this would be the product for you. Since we all know that Nintendo prints money on the massive amounts of accessories available for the Wii, how cool would it be if they came out with a Wii Butt Board? Instead of measuring your weight and centre of gravity like the balance board, this measures the girth of your expanding rear end, how many calories you're gaining sitting on the couch eating chips, and the degree and difficulty of your current slouch. Besides, how awesome would it be to play a game strictly with your ass?

Dead Rising 2
Apparently, that whole swine flu thing is a legitimate concern in Japan. Capcom has significantly downsized their presence at the event, and the hotly anticipated Dead Rising 2 is a casualty of the swine flu.

Killzone 3
Now that Killzone 2 has been released and has survived the insane onslaught of hype heaped upon it, it's time to do it all over again. Sony will put together a live action trailer featuring real actors for Killzone 3, and claim it as actual gameplay footage. There will be featured so much detail that you can magnify all the way to a pebble on the battlefield and see the ants crawling around in full 2160p resolution. Millions will cry foul over the trailer and the impossible level of rendering, only to have the game truly run in real time on the PlayStation 4 many years from now.

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