Every year, E3 brings a few surprises, some exciting, some not. Here's a list of surprises that we'd love to see at this year's show, but in all likelihood we're simply dreaming...
Rock Band 'Weird Al' Edition: Since it's been a few years since the entire plastic instruments genre became a total farce and parody of itself in the first place, this is the most logical next step for the franchise. Would it sell? Probably not, but you never know when you can include a plastic accordion piece. Might just be the little kick that the franchise needs.
No 3DS remodel: Chances are good we're going to see a 3DS redesign in the near future, whether its at this E3 or at the near future, We don't want to see one. Not because the system doesn't need a second analog stick, or some extra buttons, or better battery life. No, all that stuff is totally important. But if Nintendo redesigns the system, then we'll have to actually go out and buy another version, or look on with jealousy as everyone else gets one.
Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2 episode 3: Waiting for either of these titles is like waiting for a great video game movie, or perhaps rooting for a Chicago Cubs championship. You know one is inevitably coming, but the wait is so long and the road so littered with disappointments, that you just feel like "when it happens, it'll happen." At this rate, we'll sooner see 4Left4Dead:Boomer Drift.
A Final Fantasy game that actually uses mechanics from the titles people actually liked: You know what I mean, the last good actual Final Fantasy title was Final Fantasy X. There have been some OK titles in the interim, but that was really the last one that kept the core mechanics of titles that came before the entire development team took a one-way rocket ship to la-la-land. Failing a new title that actually plays like VII, how about we finally get that long awaited FFVII remake? Does Squaresoft just not like money? Is there any reason that they haven't brought that out yet? Don't get your hopes up for this year.
An original blockbuster IP from any large publisher: What's the title you're most looking forward to hearing more about at E3 this year? Halo 4 (which is actually Halo 6)? The third BioShock? Assassin's Creed III (Which is actually 5)? Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (which is actually CoD 9!)? Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? Here's an idea. How about an original blockbuster IP from ANY large publisher that is neither a sequel nor a reboot? EA came close with Kingdoms of Amalur last year as did Bethesda with Rage, but it's not enough. Big franchises are increasingly growing stagnant, and it would be nice to see a giant publisher put their money forward for something even remotely original. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?