It has been quite the while since we have seen Rare's fighter in action, but many out there were wanting to see a return of the series. Now Double Helix is in the developer seat and it is indeed still fun when you hear the announcer say to you "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!"

During the demo, we got a chance to play with the two of the three characters revealed today during the announcement trailer; Jago a Saberwulf. Anyone out there who has played the original one of even Killer Instinct Gold will feel right back at home playing it all over again. Killer Instinct was a series that prided itself on fast-paced and insane combo chains with the bigger the combo, the more enthused the announcer would sound.

One thing that I have noticed is that it really doesn't take intricate combo chains to increase the combo count. Now if you spam the the light punch or kick button enough times, you will get the combo count; something that the original titles did not give you. Even with that, it showcased very responsive controls and playing it on an arcade stick gives it that classic arcade feel. (I however prefer playing fighters on a D-Pad)

As for the look, Killer Instinct looks downright gorgeous. Jago's character showed off a rather detailed tattoo on his left arm and seeing Saberwulf's looks even more primal than he has looked in the past.

Killer Instinct is a series that many saw as dead and gone, but now it has risen and fighting fans are indeed going to want to give this new title a go-around.