Raven Software is using id's Tech 4 engine to bring gamers the wildest and most intense Wolfenstein adventure yet. Allied super spy B.J. Blazkowicz is working with the resistance in Europe to halt the Nazi's plans to use a supernatural weapon known as the Black Sun.

The demonstration of the game began with a short video of Blazkowicz in action infiltrating a Nazi boat about to unleash a missile attack on London. A fierce chase and fire fight ensues but in the end Blazkowicz is trapped by a swarm of gun totting Nazi soldiers. Just when all hope is lost and the bullets are flying towards him, a strange amulet he found earlier glows and a blue energy wave deflects the oncoming bullets and disintegrates the Nazis into dust. After stopping the missiles and escaping the ship, the real gameplay demonstration began featuring the storming of a Nazi laboratory full of guards and altered beasts.

The magical amulet gives access to what are known as Veil powers that give four supernatural abilities to the player. The first is Veil vision which allows you to see in the dark and is useful in sneaking around enemies in dark areas. The Veil shield deflects oncoming bullets for a short time and is useful when facing overwhelming odds. A Veil time power slows time around the player, allowing you to dodge bullets and line up head shots easily. The last and most powerful ability disintegrates enemies instantly, a definite ace in the hole.

These powers are useful but the enemy also uses the Veil. Some areas are covered by Veil suppressors that deny the use of your potent magic abilities. The Veil has also allowed the creation of monstrous new super soldiers, like the assassin who uses Veil stealth abilities to close with the player and eviscerate them, fast moving zombies, and creatures that erect shields to protect other monsters.

Wolfenstein still looks to remain close to its roots featuring tons of enemy soldiers and a huge body count. Hidden treasure caches are still to be found and in this game can be used to purchase new abilites or weapon upgrades, like silencers, on the black market. Blazkowicz can also add the lightning shooting shock gun and potent particle canon to his arsenal of classic World War 2 weapons and Veil powers.

This latest addition to the Wolfenstein family looks to stick close to its Nazi and monster shooting roots while still adding to the gameplay in an interesting way. Look forward to this game coming to Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on August 4^th . For those of you who can not wait for some Wolfenstein action, the original Wolfenstein 3D is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network this week.