I'm not honestly sure where to begin complaining so I'll just start in the beginning. Warhammer 40k: Kill Team is a twin stick shooter arcade game that's designed for players to run around and kill stuff. That's it. Murder orcs, butcher some Tyranids, unlock upgrades and that's it. Oh, and unlock a sword for one of their upcoming games. They do you the favor of making sure that they advertise for Space Marine in the very beginning of Kill Team. First screen you see, really. Every time the game gets turned on too.

Moving on to the select screen for the game, it very clearly shows space for two characters to sign in and select their Space Marine for play. Very clearly, as in, the space on the right hand of the screen is blatantly empty and waiting for that second player. So, let's add in a second player; you know, to make an actual 'team' as in Kill 'Team'. When the second player joins up with the game, they are immediately treated to a nice big block of text that informs them that they will not get achievements. At all.

So in a game that is supposed to feature a team of Space Marines, which means two players, the second player can't get achievements. Alright, well let's just play the game anyway and see how it goes. When the very first level starts up, two space pods slam through the hull of a ship, a Space Marine coming out of each one. Even in single player, both pods still drop and open as if expecting another player to be joining along for the fun. And the game being fun is questionable.

Players can choose from several different Marine types, with different weapons and special abilities. They can also pick from several different Space Marine chapters, which does nothing except change the color of the avatar. Is it me, or was a wonderful opportunity missed here to customize the game experience further by giving different chapters different abilities? But I digress. The upgrades that are shown on this screen as available for usage are all initially locked as are alternate weapons. Players have to kill enemies in game in order to unlock them and also have to get to upgrade stations in order to switch out equipment. Does the game specifically tell players how many kills it will take to unlock upgrades or new weapons? Not at all. The player is treated to a bar on the screen that will occasionally pop up, showing progress towards an upgrade. There's no real rhyme or reason to it, just whatever the developer decided to unlock first. And this bar pops up in the middle of fairly hectic fighting that leaves quite a bit to be desired.

It took me quite some time before I was able to actually make heads or tails out of some of the animations on the Space Marines. The graphics were fairly colorful and they weren't horrible, but it was hard to pick out my Marine on the field of battle occasionally. And that's simply because there are so many things blowing up, getting shot, dying and moving around on the screen that sometimes it gets very hard to distinguish one thing from another. And one of those things dying on the screen is you. Yes, the big bad Space Marine. When taking hits their health can sometimes plummet, just on the sheer number of enemies. And the only way I found of healing up was a health pickup that was sometimes present in the cases that I shot open on the floor of the levels.

Other pickups were also present in the level. Pickups that for the most part were fairly explanatory. Mostly. Double shot or Health makes sense. But Righteous Fury? Yeah, what the heck does that do? I don't know! And I don't know because I couldn't find anywhere in the menu, help or options screens that actually explained what it did (and neither did the initial pop up that told you what the pickups looked like). As a matter of fact, I didn't really find out what the effects of Righteous Fury were until I saw it on a loading screen. That's right; a loading screen tip told me what one of the games' pickups was.

Well, at this point I'm fairly convinced that the game can't get any worse. But as I finish the first level with my second player, guess what pops up on the screen? An achievement for playing the game in co-op. In a game that has no online multiplayer and where the second co-op player cannot get achievements and where all progress is saved on the first player's profile (including kills and deaths that the second player racks up). I'm not sure I ever felt so insulted playing a video game.

This was supposed to be a game centered on a team. A team where apparently only the first player can get achievements and save progress but where a lowly second player needs to tag along at least once so the first player can get all of their achievements.

The gameplay was mediocre and sometimes annoying, the level design was basic, the camera was fixed with occasional sweeps around the map and the lack of exploratory value left me feeling a bit cheated. Lackluster customization and overall lazy coding of the second player aspect left me wondering, "Oh why, oh why did I just punish myself with this game?" Oh yeah. To tell you not to bother with it.

It works. And you can kill some stuff. But that's about the only positive things I can say about it.