Okay, imagine this setup – you, as player one, must build a whole bunch of elephants, walls, trees and other obstacles on a narrow cliff path. Your friend, as player two, gets to control a giant boulder that careens down said path, trying to avoid or destroy your obstacles so that it may reach your castle and obliterate it. Play one will have to be creative with his obstacles to halt your progress or, preferably, force you to bounce yourself right off of the side of the path.

Yeah, this is one of those games. The ones that you take a look at and just find yourself wondering what the hell you just watched. Making it even more surreal is the strange art style. The flat 2-D figures look almost like animated paintings that get obliterated by the rolling rock of devastation. Each stage features its own art style as well so the obstacles will have a fairly unique look as you play through.

What other features the game will have, like a campaign mode or such, to extend the game have not been unveiled yet. But if nothing else it should make for a great game to just turn on for some silly fun with your friends.

Expect Rock of Ages to roll onto PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in the Spring of 2011.