One thing you've gotta love from a game developer is blunt honesty. So when a developer basically tells you that gravity can go toss off, they've got a game to make you know you're in for something good. Enter Nail'd, the offspring of your average ATV game and the Wipeout series. Gravity and physics be damned this game is going to try melting your face off with pure speed.

Likely the first thing to grab your attention here is the sheer vertical nature of this game. Even on one of the easier tracks, one that could be dubbed "baby steps" in the game, starts off with a number of almost sheer vertical hills. These are traversed with little deceleration and speeding up them, only to fly off the top and over a pit, is par for the course. As you race you will also pass through flaming circles, these provide you with boost that can be used to go even more ludicrously fast. To complete the glorious picture you can even steer a bit in mid-air, correcting yourself for a hard landing.

The two shown tracks out of a possible fourteen also showed a number of hazards waiting to ruin your day. A speeding train in one stage can put your lights right out if you don't drive along the wall while you can steer along the top of another one later on for a bit of a shortcut. In the other level a river with logs you really want to leap and even industrial sized saw blades wait to really ruin your day.

In addition there will be a number of leaderboards; the usual global ones and competing against friends are a given but they're not stopping there. A leaderboard that goes down to the neighborhood level will also be included, hoping to foster a greater sense of accomplishment for beating people you possibly know. Hopefully this pans out and we can start ramming our next door neighbor off the road starting in Q4 2010.