Hybrid is a new 3 on 3 shooter to be released for Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA).

The game's story features two warring factions, the Variant and the Paladin. The player can choose to be part of to start fighting. From what I saw you could not change factions once you started.

What makes Hybrid seem really interesting and hectic is that there's no actual major land mass, you actually move from small platform to small platform using a jet pack. The game does the travel for you for the most part, you just look at what cover you want to transfer to and you start jetpacking towards it. That's the bulk of the movement from what it seemed. You are then just moving from cover to cover to gain a better position on your enemies. Other than the lack of free movement, it's a pretty standard third person shooter.

The way you find matches is really interesting in itself. You are given an overhead of the current world map with specific contested zones. It seems to be persistent too, so when you log out zones could be taken by the Variant or the Paladin. This level of dynamic land control is sure to make this game one you will return to. I didn't get a chance to see much of this, but it did look to be that way.

All-in-all, the game looks to have some hectic combat, some really interesting tactics and some fast paced action, all wrapped up in Valve's aging Source engine. All this is combined with a risk like global domination overhead. Hybrid looks to be one of those XBLA titles you won't want to miss... especially if you can talk some friends into joining you. It will be available this summer.