Scrabble is probably one of the better loved board games out there on the market. Not only is it a simple enough game that most anyone can pick it up and play. However it encourages you to better your vocabulary since the smaller words won't get you any impressive point totals. There have been several people, this reviewer included, who spent some time with a dictionary after losing a particularly brutal game of Scrabble.

Everything controls rather easily, the game itself designed to be as accessible as possible. Choose the piece, place it where you want it and repeat until getting the word you want. Don't have the pieces you need? Toss some of them back into the bag by passing your turn. Winner goes to the guy with the highest score when there are no more moves to make.

The biggest problem with this game is the fact that when playing online every, and I mean everyone, cheats. Obviously. Considering that anyone with access to the internet can, with a simple web search, find websites devoted to helping you create the best words with what letters you have on hand. So playing online really loses a whole lot of the charm it might have otherwise thanks to the consistent cheating you will encounter. If you have friends you can play with this works out just fine but otherwise don't play online if you don't like losing or cheating yourself.

There are two new game modes added to this title but neither of them really adds much to the game. Bridge Builders, the only interesting one of the two, gives you the goal of using your pieces to move across the board but this grows very stale very fast. Simply sticking to the basic game is more than enough fun for the whole family though and it's here that the simplistic but enjoyable nature of Scrabble shines through quite nicely.

If you have one of the boardgame versions lying around you can definitely skip picking this up. But if you don't happen to have one or you don't have anyone to play with locally then you might find this to be an entertaining diversion.