Boggle, part of the Hasbro Family Game Night pack, is Boggle. Not too much to go into here, gameplay-wise. I'm fairly confident that most people have played this game of words, but in case not: Boggle is a game in which you try to construct words based on a grid of letters, putting letters together with adjacent letters in order to construct the longest word possible.

Boggle for the Xbox 360 doesn't really change this basic formula, but it does facilitate it and add additional, optional rules. For example, you can play in the Advanced game which not only flips the first and last letter of any word you construct, but, close to the end of the allotted amount of time, completely changes the board. This results in a frantic search for new words to get those few points that may put you in the lead. There is also a mode where the game provides you with a list of possible words on the board, and your task is to find them quickly, which is a twist on the typical Boggle game.

There are no real problems with Boggle, except perhaps the fact that the board can get pretty chaotic with four cursors running around it. You can play with up to four people, online or off, and words you select will automatically be checked in a dictionary, which saves you the trouble. This is a little weird at times, when frantically throwing letters together will net you a word. I've seen four-letter words without consonants and other words that I considered accented pronunciations like "nae". Regardless, it's a fun little title that will keep people of all ages entertained.

As part of the Family Game Night pack, you also get the standard ability to unlock extra furniture and designs for you in-game room, which is achieved by reaching targets and performing tasks in the game. My favourite? Shaking the boggle tray for more than ten seconds. All in all, a fun family title.