When the original Crysis was released it was known for its amazing graphics and ability to make your computer get on its knees and beg for mercy. PC fans will be happy to know that should you choose, you can still make your computer ask you why you hate it, but this time around you will also have the chance to play Crysis 2 on your 360 or PS3.

The first Crysis was set on a tropical island with blue skies, palm trees and warm sunny beaches...even if things went somewhat FUBAR. Crysis 2 on the other hand switches things up and sets you in the urban environment of New York City. The presenter at EA's booth said that with Crysis 2 they wanted to make a choreographed sandbox for the player to have a more action-oriented experience without limiting the player's options.

The demonstration that was shown to us included fights along New York City streets with you eventually ending up at Grand Central Station. From the looks of things New York City is in trouble as the army seems to be fighting off the alien forces with little success. The beginning of the mission has you going through some buildings to complete objectives such as taking out large enemies, all the while showing off the impressive visuals and using the physics engine to throw taxicabs at aliens. You eventually jump in a military vehicle to get out of the city as a building is about to collapse. For some reason, when you come across a group of civilians trapped under some rubble, you just stare at them and ignore their pleas for help for a good thirty seconds until the building crumbles onto them and you zoom off. I guess your powerful nanosuit doesn't include a 'sympathy' mode.

When you finally make it to Grand Central Station you battle some larger alien foes who seems to be a hybrid of biological and advance technology and you have to use some big weapons to put them down. If what was shown is any indication, Crysis 2 will be a darker game, devoid of any pretty beaches, in what should be a difficult battle to secure the safety of the human race.

If you were a fan of the first games, Crysis 2 looks to build on the beautiful technical experience and high paced action that was seen on the remote beach island a few years ago. Crysis 2 looks to add a few new gadgets, tweaks some weapons and will likely expand on the multiplayer that was shown in the first game, although no mention of it was given.

Crysis 2 makes the jump from lush tropical jungle to concrete jungle (cue Jay-Z) holiday 2010. Look for it on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360.