In keeping with the spoof spirit of Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, I present to you the review of the game in the form of a beloved Christmas poem...


'Tis the month before Christmas and thanks to the Wii
Those Rabbids have gone and hijacked your TV!
They still range from gassy to crazy, to mad
With lots of unlockables still to be had.

There's musical shaking and balance board struts
There's even a game that you play with your butt
A cute zombie shooter -- a classic homage
With chicken suit Rabbids and a plunger barrage --

Is surely a highlight and does certainly
Build on this type of gameplay seen previously.
Single player mode is distinctly enriched
With more difficulty to add to the kitsch

The addition of 'Adverts' - pop up mini games
Stop tried and true gimmicks from getting too lame.
They give you a bonus that adds to your play
As you work your way through each tv channel day.

The game's Multiplayer keeps bringing fans back
And the new mode "Training" is Wii Fit on crack
Collect different costumes to dress up your bun
With eight gaming "channels" to mix up your fun

On dancing, on driving, on music and fashion
On skiing, on shooting, on trash talk and action
To the top of the world, to the top of the scores,
You climb up, you climb up the world leader boards!

This game is certainly not without quirks
Like the Wii Remote issues that gum up the works
The glitches in the remote's sensitivity
Are still there because it's the hardware you see

They still haven't fixed it much to my chagrin
And it's good to know that before you begin.
Nonetheless maker Ubisoft dared innovate
With the best use of the Wii Balance Board to date.

The balancing act makes things really immersing
But the learning curve may leave some players cursing
Now granted this game isn't brain surgery.
There's no gripping plot, it's just loads of silly.

It won't make you think, it's about making merry
It's so much more fun with friends and Ben and Jerry's.
This droll little game, despite this, has a structure
And those Adverts take on more import at this juncture.

Single player mode culminates in a tizzy
Of difficulty that will fast make you dizzy
And right at the end, now that your arms are sore
A bombardment of Adverts makes you play even more.

If, throughout the games, you have paid good attention,
This end game will surely reward your retention.
But if you've been slacking, like a dunderhead,
This final goal will be something to dread.

Now let me speak 'bout how multiplay works,
The mechanics lay smackdowns on powergame jerks,
You can win every round and still lose by a nose,
So don't worry 'bout points, here it's anything goes.

But if that's not enough, there's World Party hustle,
Where unlocked items give your Rabbid some muscle,
To compete 'round the world. Now, I'm done my recite.
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

In summary, TV Party is an Ubisoft Rabbid game. If you liked the first two, you'll love this one.