Since the release of Wii Sports, a number of developers have tried to follow suit and create their own sports-compilation title. Most of these follow the same general pattern as Wii Sports, but tend to introduce new quirks that set them apart from the trend. The most blatant of these copies is Deca Sports.

As the name suggests, Deca Sports is a compilation of ten minigames, each based around a different sport. There's curling, archery, badminton, karting, motocross, figure skating, basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, and snowboarding. And with the exception of one or two of the sports, they're all poorly done. But it's not just he games themselves that have their flaws; the entire package has problems that prevent it from being enjoyable.

Firstly, curling works well. As a Canadian, I approve of this. It feels right, though it takes a bit of getting used to. Archery also works pretty well in the scope of the controls, but isn't very exciting. The rest of the games have terrible controls or are just dull. The figure skating, for example, is just a matter of flicking the remote at the right time to do tricks while navigating between spots, and is literally nothing more than that. Racing sports feel like a poor man's Mario Kart, and the volleyball/badminton sports are like Tennis from Wii Sports, only a lot less exciting.

You can pick a team to play as, each of which have various attributes (like strength or speed), but it never feels like they come into play; it feels more like an aesthetics choice. Games aren't well-explained either, going for a simple text tutorial for each of them which isn't very helpful. An unintuitive interface tops off the entire package.

If you like Wii Sports, then play Wii Sports. Deca Sports is simply not worth the time.