A new IP from Vogster, Unbound Saga is a download-only classic handheld side-scrolling brawler for the PSP Go. You play as Rick, a comic book character that is fully aware of his life within comic book panels. After being a comic book character for 30 years, he gets tired of being put in ridiculous situations and decides he is going to go on a mission to "meet his maker."

Along with Rick is Lori, another character with a very different fighting style. While Rick is your typical tank character with devastating punches, kicks and bodyslams, Lori is the quicker of the two who has wields four Shadow moves along with smaller knife-wielding attacks that do less damage. Her Shadow moves include a heal, gas bomb, confusion bomb and creating a Shadow twin. Instead of Shadow moves, Rick is simply able to pick up enemies and inflict many different kinds of pain.

Switching between characters is simply accomplished with a push of the Select button. There is strategy involved in using each character when necessary. What's really great is that one character can be close to death and you can switch back to the other and not have to babysit the unused character as they will slowly regain health on their own. Along with a health bar, there is the stamina bar which will decrease with each attack you do. Your stronger attacks obviously take more stamina than the weaker ones. This forces the player to strategize and pace themselves in combat.

To personalize your gaming experience, there are skill trees to put points into and unlock different skills for Rick and Lori. This is great because you can decide to pool all your points into one character if you strongly prefer one character over the other. And, after moving on in the skill tree, each unlocked skill has three further power upgrades.

There are ten episodes of Unbound Saga and 10-15 panels per episode, giving about 4-6 hours of playtime within the story mode. There is also a challenge mode which gives the player more brawl-time! The environment has interactable objects that can be used to attack baddies and even the broken pieces of objects can be used as well. Powerups will randomly appear during levels and they will be applied to both characters.

Unbound Saga is shaping up to be a great, fun brawler that will go great with the new PSP Go. Along with the game release, a comic is being published by Darkhorse in July of this year.