Which game did I run for first after the PS3 Launch Party in Toronto had got underway? Project 8. Why? Because I knew it was gonna rock. Now your asking, did it Warren? Did it really? Hell yes it did.

I know, I know, it's another Tony Hawk, but how can you not love what Neversoft has brought to the table for this series game after game? This one has ditched the fast aging engine, and is built from the ground up. And yes, indeed, it has another hidden goat. Tony's looking for a team of the best eight skaters in town, and the final goal is to be on that team. You'll do the usual story mode filled with people wanting to be pleased or helped out, doing gaps and specific tricks, learning new ones along the way, but the whole change in each THPS has always been in the new modes and tricks. Pressing in your dual analogs will throw you into "Nail the Trick" mode, a real time flip trick mode that enables you to flip the board any way you want using each stick as each foot. The PS3 edition will also feature use of the six-axis controller to be set for anything. Each pro skater has been remodeled and has undergone intensive motion capture, meaning Tony's kickflip will actually look different from Mullen's kickflip (the creator himself). The create-a-modes will be back with a vengeance and you'll play through the game with a created player.

I stood in front of the Project 8 test station for over an hour in total, getting used to the character and enjoying the amazing models and environment (especially on Sony's jolly-good HD sets), drooling at the new nail a trick mode, which I know will never get boring. I then challenged the Activision rep. to a game of trick attack and then some graffiti, getting pummeled both times, meaning I'm about 1,000,000,000:2 when it comes to THPS games now, but that's okay with me now because he works there, and I only wish I worked there. The new models with new wardrobes all look stunning, and the new characters themselves are skaters we've wanted to play for quite some time, although there should be one that comes along with a full pro roster, so nobody gets left out.

In the end, I'm excited as all hell, and I'm sure you are too. It looks promising and from the amount I've had my hands on it so far, it plays like a dream. We'll see what comes along in the content but if you've enjoyed any part of the series, I suggest keeping up with it.