Going into E3 this year there was very little information on Quantum Theory.

We now know a bit about the plot, with deals with a living black metal called Erosion that's destroying the world, and that you'd control two characters who explore a gigantic tower. We even knew that the Erosion would chase you up the tower, changing the environment as you try to fight your way through it.

We managed to get some hands on time with the game at E3 and yet we still left wanting to know even more about the title.

Syd, the buff guy with the gun, and Filena, an agile melee warrior, must fight their way through the evil Living Tower, working together to overcome obstacles. While the initial gameplay might seem very similar to Gears of War fans (i.e. hide behind cover, lean out to shoot, drop behind cover to heal) it gets very interesting when you have Filena around. Syd can grab the warrior, throwing her body at enemies to either cut them up or stun them with electricity. This opens them up to melee attacks which can be done as combo attacks with her as well making for some pretty brutal attacks.

The fighters will battle both regular tower guardians and tower guards who have been possessed by the Erosion. This causes enemies to fight differently as well as changing their weapons a bit. You may also find the two groups going at each other just as much as you sometimes.

But the most defining trait of the Erosion is how it changes the battlefield on the fly. As you move forward you may find that cover has been taken away, forcing you to scramble to find a new place to hide. On the other hand it may also disappear on an enemy, leaving him open to being gunned down. The impact of these changes will only get more and more dramatic as it eventually leads to the room structure itself changing.

With a story that promises at least eight hours of gameplay, three difficulty levels and three multiplayer modes that support up to eight people it sounds as if Quantum Theory has a lot to keep gamers occupied. Scheduled for release in the Summer of 2010 this is a game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners to keep their eyes on.