Based on the Disney Channel original movie coming out August 5th, Disney's Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension looks to be an absolute treat to enjoy.

The gist of the movie has Phineas and Ferb accidentally help someone build a machine that transports them into a second dimension. When they get there, they discover their favourite pal Harry Platypus is an agent. They can't simply hop back to their dimension, instead, they have to travel through several other dimensions to get back home. The game itself expands on several of the dimensions in the movie, such as gelatin world and balloon world, that the movie doesn't have a chance to explore.

At the beginning you have 8 characters to choose from, including Phineas, Ferb, Harry, and an exclusive agent in the game, agent Teeth. Played with a friend, who can drop in and out of game play easily, or by yourself (which will continue to have two characters on-screen you can swap control over), you must explore over 25 levels in 7 worlds and find energy orbs to power up your way to get back home.

It's all about the problem-solving and the gadgets in this witty and humorous game. You must figure out how to get to the next part of the level using what you have available to you, and if you don't have anything you can use, you build your solution. You must find pieces strewn throughout the area, and use those parts to build your creations, such as a baseball launcher or a drill-bit. The use of gadgets such as an anti-gravity gun, and the carbonater, a device that shoots orange soda to melt gelatinous monsters, are more than necessary to get the dynamic duo back home.

Along with having gadgets and monsters fans will already be familiar with, the game contains a montage of footage from the movie, complete with brand new content exclusively made for the game. Fans will recognize many one-offs mentioned in the shows as they trek through the worlds, and, while it's evident this game was very much built for the fans, even those who aren't familiar will find it's still fun to play. The TV show's producers were very much involved in the development of the game, infusing a lot of the original TV show's wittiness, humour, action, and they even did their part to produce an original song exclusive to the game.

During your adventures, you can choose to play mini-games that will help you get collectibles and tokens to further your quest to go home. While you play, you can collect electronics to use for 'upgrading' your gadgets so they do silly things like make funny noises.

The PS3s version of the game will exclusively feature 4 HD episodes of the show that have not previously been released. This is the first time Sony will be using a hybrid disc, where one disc has both the game as well as the HD episodes on it. In addition, those who use the PlayStation Move will have the added fun of the glowing orb changing colour based on the device you're using; the carbonator will turn it orange, anti-gravity gun is purple, and so one. Even if you don't have the PlayStation Move, the game is playable with the regular PS3 controller as well.

This is a great extension of the movie that you can only experience in the game, and may very well become a family favourite for many. The graphics are light and happy, the one-offs keep fans excited for more, puzzle-solving on your own or with family or friends brings the fun home, and the re-playability of going back into previous levels to grab that one missed item will keep the game play going. Phineas and Ferb will be available for all platforms August 2nd 2011.