Having recently just stepped off the ice with the X360 edition of 2K's latest NHL release, I had the opportunity to briefly try out the PS3 edition at Sony's PlayStation 3 launch event, and was quite surprised by the feel of the game. To get an overview of the game and its features, check out our full review of the X360 edition, released earlier this year.

When I first picked up the PS3 controller, I was quickly able to adapt to the control schema, as it's virtually identical to the X360 edition with a few minor variations. In this edition, the gameplay feels a lot more fluent, and the game just seems to flow better then the 360 edition. Having had limited time with the new PS3 controller, I can't quite judge if its the new controller that makes the game play better, or optimizations to the game itself, either way the gameplay seems more finely tuned for passing and shooting. The controls also have built in support for the SINAXIS motion sensors, however they don't seem to play much into the standard controls (crease control and checking can be executed using the SINXAIS functionalities), and you likely won't find yourself using it all that often.

The other noticeable difference between the PS3 and the X360 versions is in the graphics. On the Xbox 360, the game appears very smooth, wherein on the PS3 the vibrant colors and level of detail is more prominent. Overall, I'd say the PS3 version looks slightly better, but they are definitely close with a few minor tweaks.

For those lucky enough to have a PS3 for launch, NHL 2K7 is one of the better launch day releases, and the only hockey title available on the system for a long while. For owners of both systems, it looks like this one is a better release on the PS3 if you haven't already picked it up.