Walking through Sony's booth, a name on a small PSN booth caught my eye: DeathSpank. Not a common title, but definitely worthy of a playthrough. In it, you play the heroic knight, DeathSpank, dispensing justice and...well, more justice, wherever you go. The gameplay involves running around a large world from an isometric viewpoint, killing enemies, taking quests, levelling up, and earning loot. You know, RPG stuff.

You must fight your way through the world, equipping a large number of weapons and armor to do so. Four weapon slots allow you to assign a weapon to each of the face buttons on the controller, allowing a wide variety of combat options at any given time. In addition to the regular variety of weapons, there are also special weapons that can deal 'justice' attacks by killing enemies and filling up you Justice Meter. These powerful attacks deal a substantial amount of damage to enemies around you, helping out in a battle when necessary. Justice!

What is probably one of the biggest draws of the game is the style, both in art, writing, and humor. First off, the writing is hilarious, even the small snippet I was able to see. Stuff like the Thongalith of Justice, outhouses that can teleport between each other (through means DeathSpank doesn't care to explain), or fortune cookies that can give you quest hints all conspire to make you have a really fun time, proving that action RPGs don't have to be all brimstone, fire, and seriousness.

Supposedly boasting over 15 hours of justice-doling action, DeathSpank is slated to come out later this year, and I for one am looking forward to being that kind of hero.