Having a chance to sit down with what is arguably one of the most controversial titles to hit consoles in recent memory, I took the role of a man who's lost his memory, and likely his mind as well, wielding a variety of weapons to accomplish his goals.

Playing the role of a doctor who has woken up in an asylum six years after becoming a guinea pig to his own project, I realized quickly that this is not a game for the squeamish. In mere minutes, already the character had chopped apart an enemy, used his head like a puppet to gain access to a locked room, beaten another character to a pulp, pinned someone to a chair with spikes, and the list continues. Folks, this game earns its mature rating.

Though the emphasis of the first game was mostly on stealth, the second one is said to mix things up a little more, balancing between sneaking up for a quick kill and brawling action. There is a variety of shall we say, inventive weapons to equip, in categories such as "two handed weapons" and "one-use weapons" (like a shard of glass). At one point I was wielding a man's head. This one most certainly pushes the boundaries.

Much of the gameplay is the same as its predecessor, so don't expect too many surprises. Though it's possible to run into a room, baseball bat/machete/skull flailing, it is far more efficient and safe to sneak behind your enemies and take them out unsuspecting. The one-on-one combat did feel a little clunky, but the controls otherwise felt decent enough for the task.

It's quite simple to say that those who enjoyed the first game will likely enjoy the second. From what I could tell, it's definitely ready to ship for Halloween, and that is when issues like pacing and repetitiveness will need to be discerned. A solid-looking sequel, certainly not for the squeamish at heart.