Devil May Cry 3 is the newest game in the DMC series from Capcom. The first game in the series is considered by many to be one of the best action games in the PS2. The second one in the series however, did not really offer the same amount of fun as the first, a somewhat average game. Seeking to remedy the situation, Capcom came up with Devil May Cry 3, which in many ways improves upon the original game and takes the series to the next level. DMC3 is a solid action game with memorable boss fights, addictive gameplay, tons of weapons, and a fighting style that rivals many fighting games out there.

The story for DMC3 is actually better than in any of the previous games. This game is more of a prequel than a sequel and follows Dante's story before the first game. His twin brother Virgil is out to open a portal to the demon realm and it's up to Dante to stop him. Without giving too much away, the story has plenty of plot twists and interesting supporting characters. Lady is one of these characters worth mentioning since she's a beautiful girl with plenty of guns and helps Dante along the way. Needless to say, this is not one of those games where you want to skip all the cutscenes.

The video and audio in this game are excellent. Not only are the cutscenes really well developed and action packed, but the sound and voice acting also do a good job of moving the plot forward. I don't really know what it would sound like to cut up a three headed dog demon, but I think the game portrays it about as closely as one would expect. The soundtrack for this game also does a good job of putting you in the mood to cut up all those demons and have fun while doing it.

Gameplay is where Devil May Cry 3 truly shines. Players can choose from 4 different styles at the outset and can unlock two more as the game progresses. These styles range from defensive play, to offensive, to gun oriented, to dodge abilities. The styles give you extra moves that you can perform such as throwing your weapon at the enemy, using weapon abilities, dodging enemy attacks, creating a clone, and even stopping time. Not only that, but the variety of weapons available in the game impressive. Players can chop up demons with nunchucks, swords, and guitars. In case you'd rather take opponents out from a distance, you can use shotguns, laser guns or even rocket launchers. When you couple that with the amount of moves that Dante has with any style, you've got a fighting system that is very in depth and take some time to master.

Another thing worth mentioning is the enemies in this game. The AI that the enemies have is incredible and they will adjust to your fighting style in order to kill you. Also, DMC3 has some of the most amazing and challenging bosses I've ever seen in a PS2 game. This makes DMC3 a little hard for newcomers to the series. But once players understand how the fighting system works, DMC3 becomes a fun and addictive playing experience. You'll be presented with 20 levels and 12 secret levels that will challenge the speed at which your fingers can move. Mind you that DMC3 has a bit of a learning curve before you can cut up demons with style but if you take the time to learn the fighting system properly, DMC3 will provide you with great gameplay from start to finish.

Overall, DMC3 is one of the best action games out there. With a great fighting system, addictive gameplay, smart enemies, and cool moves, it has just about everything you could want from an action game. If you're into fighting or action games, then definitely give this one a try. The unlockables (artwork, videos, and extended endings) will keep you playing even after you beat the game once. And with such a wide variety of levels, you're going to be playing this game for quite a while.