Much like the other Warhammer 40,000 game at E3 this year, Dark Millennium didn't have a real demo, just a really awesome trailer and Joe Madureira himself hanging around. Not just a talented artist he is also one of the men behind the formation of Vigil Studios, the guys behind the recently released Darksiders. Between chatting with him and watching the trailer we were able to gather a bit of a picture as to what we can expect from this title.

The trailer shows an action packed, slightly chaotic third person shooter infused MMO. Of greater note is the fact that many classic Warhammer 40k elements are clearly on display: Space Marines, Orkz, the Imperial God, Chaos Beasts, Dreadnoughts, a number of Ork vehicles and even the mighty Titans were in true form. All of this paints a clear picture of an MMO that's doing its best to be as true to Warhammer 40k as possible.

While they're unprepared to talk about how many planets are in the game, how many races are in or most anything else, a few things were squeezed from the stone that is Joe Mad. They're looking to seriously compete with the big boys of the MMO scene here, aiming to put enough content in the game that they won't be just another one cluttering up the place.

We also learned that all of the gameplay in the trailer are actual in-game assets and controlled by some gamers, almost like trailer machinima. This implies that many, if not all, of the vehicles seen in the trailer will have the possibility of being player controlled in the future. Whether any of the things seen in the trailer change before release is another matter entirely.

Unfortunately for those of us who are already imagining speeding across the plains, gunning down Orkz; Dark Millennium is still a few years off, likely in late 2011 or early 2012. All we can say on the matter is the sooner this game is released the better.