There is a lot of low quality free to play games out on the market. They're all fairly simple graphically, have incredibly simple mechanics and are just on the bland side. Lately there has been a movement to make them far more action packed, giving them the feel of a third person hack and slash more than any MMORPG. Vindictus is one of the most action packed of the lot and manages to be incredibly exciting, even to us jaded video game journalists.

Considering that this is a free to play title what you actually get from this package is impressive. The graphics are surprisingly good and the environments are full of various rocks, jars and other debris that can be picked up and thrown at your enemies. Even the enemies themselves are fairly well detailed.

What really makes this game so interesting is the solid hack and slash combat. In addition to being able to pick up objects to throw them at enemies you have a variety of attacks. Your light and heavy attacks can be used to create a fairly wide variety of combos to knock your foes around. It's even possible to grab the enemies themselves, punching them in the face repeatedly or pulling off some slam type moves that would make a wrestler wince.

Much of the combat is a pretty simple affair, consisting of just cutting down dozens of foes. But when it comes to the larger enemies and boss monsters you're going to have to be a bit more intelligent. The boss monster showcased in the demo was a fairly typical boss – he has powerful attacks and can only be safely attacked when he's stunned. Stunning him can be accomplished either by being careful and throwing rocks at him or just getting in close, evading around him and striking him in the legs repeatedly. Eventually this will bring him down for a short time so you can carve him up some. Rinse and repeat until he falls.

Coming up in the Fall of 2010 Vindictus is actually looking like it might be a real MMO contender. While it's not likely to steal many of the established Warcraft gamers it can very easily draw in an entirely new crowd of more action oriented gamers.