Hello, everyone and welcome to my lovely home! My name is Nora Norington and I’m happy to tell you all about my time travelling experience to Oasis Landing. Now, I know what you’re saying, it’s impossible to travel to the future.  But I assure you, it’s completely possible!

My story starts with me moving into a little lot in Twinbrook.  I’d just started my existence, happy and excited to be alive and kicking around the world.  Now, I’d barely started dirtying up the place when the entire world shook, the ground trembled and a huge flash of light lit everything up.  Outside my home, this sleek metallic portal appeared and the time traveler Emit Relevart stepped out to give me the opportunity to travel to the future.  Being up for just about anything, I decided to jump on in and check the place out.

When I stepped out into the future, I saw a beautiful futuristic setting where people were jetting around in hover cars and jetpacks.  There were fantastic Plumbots of all shapes, sizes and design.  There were special dream beds that allowed me to dream about a specific subject and get awesome moodlets for 12 hours.  When I got hungry, there were replicators that will replicate any recipe available with just a few moments of waiting.  The Statuesque Surprise was absolutely amazing!  There are even little electronic pets called Sprites to play with and take care of.  Let me tell you, if you’re not the social kind, those little guys can really help keep your social needs fulfilled.

And the new Plumbots are wonderful and so much better looking than the creepy SimBots that are available to purchase with my Happiness Points.  The Plumbots in Oasis Landing are designed and built using a brand new skill that’s very easy to raise.  They have different trait chips that can be put into them and change their skills and personality.  Nanites can be found in the wild or constructed using the new Bot Building machine to help create the different trait chips.  There is even a chip to give the Plumbot Sentience, making them a fully thinking, caring and fun loving member of society.  They can’t have children, of course, but they can fall in love and have relationships if they’re given the Capacity to Love chip.  And there are chips to make them masters at gardening, cooking and more.  When they’re made, they have dozens of styles and colors to choose from, including some that give them hover bodies with no legs. No legs! It’s so stylish and futuristic.

And of course Oasis Landing has a few new career options for the intrepid time hopping Sim that aren’t available in the present, such as the ability to become an Astronomer or work in the Bot Arena.  And the awesome part is that if I go back and forth between the present and the future, even though that future job doesn’t show up when I go into the present (because it doesn’t exist), it’s there and available whenever I go into the Future!  Of course there’s no school in Oasis Landing so if I had kids and brought them there, there’d be nothing for them to do but sit in the beautiful ultra-modern home that I’d bought, but who needs school anyway?

There are even ways to make things more pleasant for yourself in the future by becoming a minor celebrity and getting a statue erected in your honor, along with a permanent positive moodlet when travelling to the future.  You can do it by donating enough money in the past to help improve the future and you can even become the inventor of Plumbots by making a future quality Plumbot in the past!  There are a couple of other things you can do too, but it really makes a difference and it’s really amazing to see yourself immortalized in statue form.

And for those who like to hop back and forth between the two time periods, there’s always a chance to take your future knowledge and put it to work for you.  You can check out the lotto records and take that knowledge back to the present and purchase a ticket at the grocery store.  I caught on to this nifty little trick and decided to test it out.  When I bought my first ticket and actually won, I hit the jackpot for one and a quarter million dollars.  That’s 1,250,000. Literally.  In one fell swoop, I eliminated the need for any of the next four or five generations of my family to have to do any substantial work.  Of course the next three tickets I bought only won me about 20,000 on average, but that’s still a substantial amount of cash.

And for those who want to tamper with fate, you can do missions for Emit that allow you to change the course of history and affect Oasis Landing.  You can make it a happy utopia where everything is bright and shiny and flowers sprout up everywhere that exude a dew that make people happy and turn them bright rainbow colors.  As a matter of fact, rainbows are a prevailing theme, as there are little piles of buried treasure with rainbows shooting out of them and a permanent rainbow in the sky.

Or you can change the world to a Dystopian, bleak future with piles of trash and junk all over the place.  It’s a dark, dismal place where random rifts are open all over the place, allowing you to jump in and explore for a bit.  Because of how ruined the environment is, meteors strike almost constantly, shaking the whole world and greatly increasing the chances of death by meteor.  A Death Flower might be a good thing to carry around if you’re planning on spending an extended amount of time in the dystopian future.

And I was able to visit my descendants when I went to visit the future, though that was a little lackluster and not as amusing as I would have liked.  Every time I went back to the present and changed my money amount or family size, it changed my descendants’ household size and wealth amount.  It wasn’t all that exciting, but I suppose it’s something.  They gave me a great big hug when I met them, but other than that they’re just regular Sims living their lives out in the future.

Into the Future is a lot of fun and I had a great time in my visits to Oasis Landing.  I got to see a lot of interesting things and had a whole lot of fun hanging out with Plumbots and future residents.  Future technology was incredible to use, there’s a good bit to explore in Oasis Landing and frankly, it’s a nice way to have some fun with life.  Especially when winning the lottery makes it easily affordable.

And yes, I really did win the lottery for that much on my first time playing it. Booyah!