Fallout 3 was definitely a love it or hate it sort of game. Many of the fans of the original two games decried it before it even released, first for the different developer and then for the change to first person perspective. Then when the game was released many were unimpressed with the fairly loose gun mechanics and the drab environments (because the nuclear apocalypse was meant to leave the land colorful). Most people embraced the game with many naming it their game of the year.

But one has to admit that many things were missing in the transition from the isometric games to number 3, things that Fallout: New Vegas aims to address. You name it and there's a good chance that it's been tweaked.

Wanted a larger variety of weapons? Well now you have grenade launchers, the plasma rifle from the first two games and even a heavy machine gun. Thought that the aiming felt a bit too loose? That's what the updated iron sights are for. Now when you aim with the gun you look straight down the top of the gun, trying to take your shots while dealing with the wavering of the gun. They've even added more enemies; some that will be familiar to those who played the previous games (damn those geckos!).

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the return of the Reputation system. By completing missions for factions you will gain standing in their eyes often at the expense of lowering your standing in the eyes of another group. As you gain trust from a group it will carry a variety of benefits even as the others open fire as soon as they spot your mangy hide.

But fear not! If you want to get into one of their areas without a fight just find a suit of their armor, slip it on and walk into the camp. Most of the enemies can't even recognize you through the disguise. Only the military police and guard dogs can see through your ruse although getting your disguise busted in the middle of dozens of enemies is always a bad thing.

In many ways Fallout: New Vegas could be seen of as more of the same. However enough has been added to really differentiate the product from the previous game. Whether you want to enjoy the view along the strip, see what the New California Republic is up to, gamble a bit in one of the casinos or just become public enemy number one, you will have your chance come October 19th.