CrimeCraft (PC)


Vogster Launches Free Trial and First Major Content Update for CrimeCraft

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Vogster is pleased to announce the implementation of their previously announced Unlimited Free Trial Program, new Tiered Subscription model and the first major Content Update for CrimeCraft, its Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) for the PC. Now gamers will have the freedom to play CrimeCraft for free for as long as they like, or unlock the full set of game features and game options with the flexible Standard or Premium subscriptions. Read More.

THQ and Vogster Announce North American Release of Shooter-MMO CrimeCraft for PC

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THQ and Vogster announced the Persistent World Next-Gen Shooter CrimeCraft, has shipped and will be available for purchase at exclusive retail partners Best Buy and Future Shop. Gamers can now form online gangs and compete against each other in the gritty, urban world of CrimeCraft, where guns, numbers and skill determine who climbs to the top of the heap and rules the streets. Read More.