Life in the 22nd century Valkyria isn't exactly as we know it today; technology has evolved and humans have begun to integrate a system of implants into their bodies to enhance their physical abilities. Big corporations have slowly hidden the truth, made the lies become a reality. Chrome has become a very rare and valuable metal, and these corporations will do anything to obtain. You are Logan, a mercenary in this distorted new world, completely influenced by money and little else.

As Logan, you will have to do everything you can to survive in this world of deceit and treachery. Currently in development by Techland, Chrome is a tactical first-person shooter, with a different approach to the genre. Scheduled for release in early Fall, Chrome will be published by Montreal based Strategy First.

Although the beta we had an opportunity to preview was still early in its development, the graphics engine was easily one of the strongest elements thus far. Capable of displaying beautiful large, realistic environments in a completely three-dimensional world, Chrome is set to raise the standards for years to come. Other notable features of this game include the ability to pilot many futuristic vehicles in single and multiplayer modes, the use of implants to improve your physical and mental abilities, and a massive variety of weaponry.

Chrome will contain five different multiplayer modes for use, and support up to thirty-two players over a local area network or the Internet. During the offline missions, players will work alone or with computer-controlled allies to complete a series of objectives. The first thing players will notice once in the game is the incredible depth to the graphics. Trees and shrubs are abundant, as is the attention to detail on all surrounding textures. Nothing in this game seems repetitive; every tree or rock seems to be unique to that particular location, almost as if it were dynamically generated. Players will also notice the seemingly endless field of vision, as backgrounds meld smoothly with the foregrounds. However, once the game begins players will not have much time to sit idle or explore the terrain. Events are well scripted to create a fast-paced flow to the game. The game also features an incredibly action-packed soundtrack, which will likely help to deliver Chrome's compelling storyline in such a manner as to keep players on the edge of their seats.

A key to the tactical side of Chrome is the RPG-style inventory. Players will have a limited amount of space to store weapons and other items, making it necessary to choose to keep the items better suited to the current situation and dispose of the unnecessary ones. This is where this game begins to deviate from the standard first person shooter and take an approach similar to that of Deus Ex and other RPG shooters, as players cannot simply carry every possible weapon in the game at all times. Players will find themselves choosing between a variety of different ways to negotiate certain situations in Chrome's frantic storyline, with your decisions affecting how easy or difficult the game can become.

With the myriad of first-person shooters released each year, Chrome is definitely shaping up to stand out in the crowded field. Although Chrome is definitely not one of the more recent stealth shooters to hit the markets, it does place an emphasis on strategy over traditional methods of success in first-person shooting games. This creates many possibilities for the player and offers a lasting experience. Unfortunately, with its high level of detail and incredible physics engine, Chrome will require a higher end system to run smoothly, although for players who have systems capable of running it, Chrome will definitely be a title to keep an eye on this fall.