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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition Review (Wii)

By Matthew Gillis () - 8.4 out of 10

Now if you're telling me that you don't know the saying "We'll give him an offer that he cannot refuse", then you really need to brush up on your great Mob movies of the past. In 2006, EA released The Godfather for PC, PS2, and Xbox. For a movie game, it had some good controls, good smooth graphics and decent gameplay. Read More.

Nervous Brickdown Review (DS)

By Matthew Gillis () - 7.2 out of 10

If you haven't heard of Breakout, Arkanoid or Brick Attack, then you've probably been living in a cave for past last thirty years. Being one of the great classics, many people have redeveloped Breakout with new tricks and features, but none as interesting as Arkedo's Nervous Brickdown for the Nintendo DS. Read More.