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Dracula: Origin Impressions (PC)

By Michael Calva ()

Continuing its tradition of creating point-and-click adventures based on fictional characters, developer Frogwares has cashed in on a well-known myth to create Dracula: Origin. Published by The Adventure Company and Focus Home Interactive, Dracula: Origin centers around believable characters in a fictional world. Read More.

Jack Keane Impressions (PC)

By Michael Calva ()

The beauty of a game with humorous and involving characters is that no matter where the characters take you, you'll always feel at home. Such is an attribute of Jack Keane, a pure adventure title brought to the table by developer Deck 13 and publisher 10tacle Studios. Read More.

Culpa Innata Preview (PC)

By Michael Calva ()

The year is 2047 and the citizens of Adrianopolis flourish in their part of the near-perfect World Union. Only those smart and healthy enough may enter this utopia, and one of these elites, Phoenix Wallace, is a Peace Officer, charged with…well - keeping the peace. Read More.