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Best Buy's new "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" game deal starts next Sunday

By Ania Kwak ()

Those who have a Best Buy nearby will be privy to their upcoming "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" sale, which starts this coming Sunday and will be on for one week only.  All platforms and games will be included, giving gamers the opportunity to fluff out their collections without having to completely break the bank. Read More.

Upcoming PlayStation Kinect, err, 4, will be available next year?

By Ania Kwak ()

After many speculations as to when Sony plans to bring out their new console, not to mention their recent announcement of the release of their PS Vita, it comes as a surprise to hear that the PlayStation 4 is apparently intended for launch in 2012.  That's next year, within a year of having already released something new (the PS Vita). Read More.

PSNs 'Welcome Back' program extended for one more day

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After many gamers were upset that Sony's Welcome Back package had ended July 3rd (it was offered "through" July 3rd, which apparently wasn't a clear enough deadline), Sony has been generous enough to extend the offer.  Despite having already had 30 days to claim their free games, procrastinating gamers now have until 9AM Pacific on July 5th to reap the benefits of the package, and should actually do so this time around if they really want it. Read More.

Sony involved in new class action lawsuit

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It seems that Sony had laid off network security experts a mere two weeks before the PSN was breached.  That doesn't bode well for Sony, who're now involved in a new class action lawsuit regarding the PSN security breach. Read More.

$15 Two-Game Bundles for your PSPs!

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Now PSP users can get themselves PSP Dual Pack bundles for a decent price.  Using games from both the "Greatest Hits" and "Favourites" collections, you can fill out your collection that much faster without breaking the bank. Read More.

Sony to Stream E3 Press Conference

By Ania Kwak ()

After names like Nintendo, Microsoft, and even Konami, announced their plans to stream their E3 events online, Sony has finally joined them, announcing they will stream their E3 press conference through the PlayStation Blog.  If you wish to tune in, be sure to check the blog June 6th at 5pm PT for their newsfeed. Read More.

Ace Attorney on the big screen?

By Ania Kwak ()

It looks like director Takashi Miike, maker of several movies including Audition and Death of a Samurai, will be directing a movie based on Ace Attorney. The Huffington Post quotes him as saying, "It is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS. Read More.

Nintendo will stream E3 conference on their website

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Two weeks from tomorrow, Nintendo will stream their own press conference online from 9am PST (12pm EST, 5pm BST, 2am Sydney) here. Their coverage should provide more details on the Wii's upcoming line-up, more titles for the 3DS, as well as unveiling Project Cafe. Read More.

PlayStation's Generosity Unveiled

By Ania Kwak ()

While the PlayStation Network is back, the PlayStation Store is still M.I.A.  There has yet to be a confirmed date as to when the Store will be available again, however, it looks like it may be worth the wait. Read More.

Sony announces date for PSN's return

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After missing their initial target date last week, where they said they expected "to have some services up and running within a week from [April 26]," Sony has stated they should be fully back online by May 31. Read More.

Ubisoft to expand with a new film studio

By Ania Kwak ()

While Ubisoft already has their own CGI studio and have acquired Hybride, a special effects company, they've decided to add to their film-family by launching their very own film studio. A new division, named Ubisoft Motion Pictures in Paris, has been opened up by the company, and will be headed by EuropaCorp CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet. Read More.

Give Sony a break!

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Since the PSN went down well over a week ago, many users of Sony's online feature have been worried their information was leaked in the process. Read More.